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Russia parties like it's 1999 (1 Viewer)

Russian Disposable Income Drops, Inflation Highest Since 1999

The income of ordinary Russians is dropping while the inflation have reached 1999 levels. Of course it could be way worse, it could be 1994 again.

Thanks for the early warning. Russians by the hundreds of thousands should head to Germany. Good old Mamma Merkel with arms wide open in welcome is no more around. A shame. But young Frau Baerbock will do just fine rolling out the welcome carpet. The new Russian guests can be housed on Olaf Scholz Platz.

But I digress, Germans will also be partying:

German inflation hits 4-decade high for single month​

The last time prices rose faster was for West Germany in 1981. More than any other factor, increasing energy prices, exacerbated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, are fueling inflation.

What happens to Russia in the comng months is not at all comparable to troubles elsewhere.

Next week the EU will ban the import of Russian oil and sanction Sverbank.

In June a new gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to Greece/Bulgaria comes online.

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