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Russia brings together Afghan officials, Taliban in talks

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From United Press International

Russia brings together Afghan officials, Taliban in talks

Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Russia hosted representatives from the Taliban and the Afghan government along with other countries Friday in hopes of ending the 17-year civil war in the country while challenging the United States to take part.

The peace conference held in Moscow included four senior members of Afghanistan's High Peace Council along with the Taliban representatives. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told the Moscow Times that it was trying to find an "inclusive, inter-Afghan dialogue" to end the conflict.

The meeting between the government officials and the Taliban "will be an important contribution to providing favorable conditions for the start of direct talks between the government and the Taliban movement," Lavrov said.

"(It's) very important to come here," Azizullah Din Mohammad, the head of the High Peace Council's delegation, told reporters. "When there is peace there will be no need for Americans in Afghanistan."


If the Russians manage to broker an agreement that ends the civil war in Afghanistan, how many Afghans will give the credit for their "liberation" to the United States of America (please remember that any end to the civil war in Afghanistan is going to result in the Taliban once again becoming a major factor in Afghan internal affairs REGARDLESS of the US expulsion of the Taliban from Afghan internal affairs when it "liberated" Afghanistan).
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