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RNC/GOP trying to distort election work. (1 Viewer)


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Aug 27, 2005
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(story from 12/19/05)

James Tobin, a former RNC regional coordinator, was convicted in federal court on 12/16 of two telephone harassment charges for helping to jam phones of New Hampshire Democrats during Election Day 2002. The RNC had spent more than $722,000 to provide legal support for Tobin. There is also a civil suit pending. Former state executive director Chuck McGee has already completed a seven-month sentence for his role in the scheme. Allen Raymond, formerly head of GOP Marketplace LLC in Virginia, has pleaded guilty for his efforts to jam the phones.

The goal obviously is not for a democratic election, but rather to stage an election that is skewed to make sure the repugnicans win. This is bordering on Fascism, this complete disregard for democracy for the purpose of ultimate control of the State.

While we are at the serious dishonesty of GOP, do you agree that these dudes were anti-democratic? Do you agree that the GOP are pushing towards south american type politics, with the next anti-democratic step being the rightwing death squads? After all, this kind of stuff shows that GOP is not about democracy but only about WINNING at all costs? Why have democracy if you can just rule against popular votes instead?

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