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Right Wingnut KKKristian KKKooks are a threat to a Free America

Judas H. Christ

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Aug 29, 2005
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Hello all my fellow wage slaves, oppressed by the wage slave economy that exploits your labors to enrichen the ruling clique of moneyed aristocracy. I am here to write about a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to our freedoms in this land; I am speaking about the fanatic members of the fundementalist cults of Christianity. Make no mistake the Pat "The Mullah" Robertson and his Christaban comrades are intent on nothing less then a return to a Christofascist society where they can persecute gays and anyone who will not bow to them and their demands.
My fellow exploited massess, do not let what happened with Afghanistan happened here. They are all the same these maniacs, just some wear rags on their heads and others crossess on their necks. Imagine if the bloated Christofascist Rev. Fallwel was to assume his wetdream of athority over the U.S.A,-it would be something out of a WW II concentration camp movie.
We, my comrades, as the vanguard of the Socialist future of freedom and prosperity for the proletariate and social justice must guard against the Christoban and their fascist poison. Remember the greatest evil has bene done in the name of the Celestial Dictator, God!!
And some blow up people who don't agree with them and others...

I agree with you, well sorta, but the title of the thread sucks bad cause I was raised Catholic and most of them are not racist. .. my uncle and his family are the exceptions but they are really weird so nobody thinks much of them.
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