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Rest in peace John Paul (1 Viewer)


Jan 14, 2005
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Pope John Paul worked foe peace though out the world he stood up with the freedom fighters in Poland to defeat communism he stands up the poor all in all he left this world a little better off than when he came into it .

Boston will always have a personal relationship with Rome because of our former Mayor Ray Flynn personal relationship with Pope Paul

I must be honest theirs a lot of things I disagree with the way the Catholic Church tells people to live i.e birth control, no women priest , priest not being allowed to be married ,

But lets leave it at that.

Pope John Paul ; You left this world much better off than you found it may peace always be with you
I didn't agree with some of his conservative views, but I know a good man when I see one.

An assassination attempt was done on the Pope, he survived. He then went to the prison where his would-be-assassin was kept, he forgave him. Alot of christians could learn alot from him.

RIP John Paul II

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