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Respect Mah Authoritah.

John Stewart holds Barak Obama accountable for his many unfulfilled campaign promises.
Jon Stewart actually expects a politician to fulfill campaign promises? What planet is Stewart from?*


It used to be that fairy tales began with the statement, "Once upon a time . . ."
Now, fairy tales begin with the statement, "If I am elected . . ."

[*Stewart isn't from Melmac. We Melmacians know better than to expect politicians to keep campaign promises.]
It is easy to be a critic, but as Barak Obama and a former US president and a number of others said ''It is not the critics who count...''
So, in Mell's world, promises aren't meant to be kept?
We Melmacians consider the expression "political promise" to be an oxymoron. Back on Melmac (before the planet was blown up), we voted for the candidate who could skin a cat the fastest (because the faster you skin a cat, the faster you cook it).

Hey! How did a Melmacian garbage truck end up in California? I hope none of its contents spilled as it entered the Earth's atmosphere. If the contents fell on Washington, D.C. . . .

. . . there would be no noticable difference. :2rofll:
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