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Report: Federal Air Marshal Service curtailing surveillance


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Dec 3, 2017
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BOSTON (AP) — The Federal Air Marshal Service says it’s curtailing a domestic surveillance program that’s been accused of spying on thousands of unwitting passengers who are not suspected of a crime or appear on a terror watch list.

The agency’s new director, David Kohl, tells the Boston Globe that air marshals are “no longer capturing” any “routine passenger behaviors on a plane that would be seen as normal behavior.”
It looks like you will no longer face 15 years to life for being a suspected terrorist by simply changing seats mid flight.

This kind of Big Brother surveillance is both ridiculous & a sign of things to come. Cities like London are completely covered by CCTV camera systems with facial recognition software. Big Brother knows when & where you paid a bridge toll. Your cell phone tells Big Brother exactly where you are located. And it goes on. Orwell missed the title date of '1984' by just a few years but it is here now.
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