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Red Bull builds second factory in the US

Tender Branson

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Jun 3, 2021
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Sugar Mizzy
February 23, 2022


The Austria-based global corporation and beverage manufacturer Red Bull and its bottling partner Rauch are planning a new factory for the American market in the US state of North Carolina – on almost 18.6 hectares. 400 jobs are to be created. The project is Red Bull’s second plant in the United States, following a plant in Arizona.

The investment comprises 650 million euros. It is planned in the 100,000-resident city of Concord in Cabarrus County in the south-east of the state. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper published Red Bull and Rauch’s plans in July last year.

At the Red Bull bottler Rauch in Vorarlberg, company spokesman Daniel Wüstner told the portal wirtschaftspresseagentur.com that a suitable plot of land had been bought in Concord. He also confirmed plans to set up a plant there in order to be prepared for future expansion steps in the USA.

Production and new distribution center​

According to American reports, around 13 hectares of the site area are to be used by Rauch for production, sales and offices, with the rest being for a Red Bull regional distribution center. Of the 413 planned jobs, 323 will be at Rauch and 90 at Red Bull. Governor Cooper is pleased about announced annual wage payments of 18.3 million euros (20.8 million dollars). This exceeded the average annual wage paid in Carrabus County (36,400 euros; 41,200 dollars).

First RB plant since 2019 in Arizona​

Red Bull, Rauch and the can manufacturer Ball started building a production and filling plant in the US state of Arizona in 2019. 140 employees work there on a 6.5 hectare site.

Until then, Red Bull had only been bottled by Rauch in Vorarlberg and Switzerland for the entire world market. Ball is said to be back on board in North Carolina, too, according to specialist media reports. For a new factory in this context, the company could die 338 million. Invest EUR 384 million. 220 new jobs could also be created at Ball.

Almost 1000 new high-paying jobs for US workers from an Austrian company ? Not bad IMO.
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Jan 3, 2012
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It is nasty stuff.

But a Red Bull and a chili cheese dog are the go to breakfast choice for a lot of blue collar folks and construction workers.

I’ve only ever had one.

A girl bought me a Yeagerbomb in a bar once.

It was like a small hit of cocaine.
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