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Randy Cunningham admits to taking bribes


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Nov 14, 2004
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I'm not running from anything. But thanks for making that assumption.

I know what I heard. I also know from researching several times once the info is found to be wrong it's removed. They all do it. I've seen Fox do it as well as Air America. Right and left both are guilty of this tactic. I know from bookmarking pages that with Fox if they remove it you get a blank blue page with their logo all over it, but no text, no story. With AA you get a "page not found message."

I stand by my original statement. Again I don't remember if it was Rush or if it was Hannity. They play back to back here locally, they kind of blend into one voice.

The same thing happens when I listen to left leaning shows. Yesterday on the way back from Portland I listened to Air America. This happened yesterday so it's fresh in my mind. I heard Ed Schultz repeatedly claim a lawmaker (I never heard of the man but I'm going to assume he's a Dem) who's been linked to the Abramoff/Delay mess. Ed claims this guy's completely innocent and would be on his show either today or tomorrow to defend himself. He spent a lot of air time on this, that and basically asking people to get him some crab for his holiday dinner. He had people calling from all over the place offering some or telling him where he could get some crab. He repeatedly said "I want to pay for the crab, no freebies here, even though the right gets freebies all the time." I think he ended with "I'll trade you some rotten lutefisk for the crab." This morning I go to Schultz's site and I find no mention of this guy, not even his name. What's Schultz going to do if it turns out this guy was involved? I'd listen to his show today an actually see if this guy is on and does explain how he's not involved but I don't get AA where I live. The only way I can listen to it in my local area is if I do so streaming on-line. Got stuff to do today and can't sit near my computer all day.

Another thing Schultz talked about was the situation in San Diego. He made some comment about how if the Dems can't manage to get the seat vacated by the Dukester then they never will, that people are calling him and asking him to get involved. He said "What do you want me to do? You've got to do it. You have to find someone to fill that slot, I mean I'll give the guy all the free air time you want, but I can't do everything for you, it's your job." Now I'm not even sure that's legal. Is it? Can you just give free air time to a candidate? Not sure. Is that comment on his site this morning, probably not. Does the fact it's not there prove he didn't say it?

Right after Ed was on Randi Rhodes was on. She repeatedly made the claim that the Aljazeera News Network was a more honest agency then any of the America press agencies. Quite a statement. Think it's on her site? Actually with her it probably is on her site, she doesn't seem to care how many people she offends. In fact she seems to make her whole show about as offensive as possible. My guess is that plays to her core listeners. But if it's not on her site does it prove she didn't say it?

Stu Ghatze

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Aug 30, 2005
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If Cunningham admitted taking bribes, ...he ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, ..republican, democrat or whatever!

Yea, ..everybody is always sorry & repentant AFTER they are caught, & when there is NO wiggle room left to slide out from!
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