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Race for Delay's seat getting crowded


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Aug 27, 2005
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The Libertarian Party nominated Bob Smither to run for Tom Delay's seat in this year's congressional election. What makes this interesting is that he just might make it. Republicans in the district are so disgusted with Delay that his Democratic opponent is pretty much a shoe in to defeat him. Is? I should say WAS.

People in district 22, who have been getting ready to hold their noses and vote Democratic, now have something to cheer about. Smither is going to draw plenty of votes that Delay has lost to the Democrats, along with some of what is left of Delay's own support. Smither is extremely popular here. As soon as his web site is up, I plan to link to it in my sig instead of linking to Badnarik's site, as I have been doing.

Come this fall, there could very well be another Congressional advocate of abolishing the IRS and replacing it with a national sales tax. Thats the number one item on Smither's agenda. :)

Go LP :)

Article is here.

Edit: His web site is already up, but he has no banner yet. Read how a REAL Congressional Conservative will vote. :)
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