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Question 14 for Christians

When intelligence of self an life is stripped away and one can no longer, justify, excuse, validate, of deny the ways one acted like an animal.

Standing on the side of pure compassion and humanity, you will have to be in the shoes of all you hurt in this life. Can you face yourself as others saw you? Take the pain you inflicted on other beings for your own gain and be able to look at how you truly acted when from a view of compassion?

Will you shrink away and think you are a monster? See yourself as the dog you kicked did, the man you stole from, the animal who watched you shot its child which you then ate? Here empathy will not be only a concept, but a physical state of being as you watch the true you in this world, with no intelligence to lie to yourself that it has to be this way.

With intelligence is wisdom, it is not always smart to do the right thing, but very easy to let instincts rule. Intelligence can be used to lie and decieve, set traps and hunt better, a dog is intelligent, but is it wise? We can lie even to ourselves, and in effect use intelligence to survive to outweigh the wisdom of our actions. We endorse participate, and sanctify cruelty to others by our own intelligence, against our own wisdom and knowlegde.

When we spend a life acting only in self intrest we leave pain destruction and ruin, less of the physical world, it is worse when we take that which is limited for it can not be replaced in the same form and causes harm to others and the world.

You will learn if your actions did effect those beneath you when you thought you were indifferent from them, what does it matter to a cow if I take her calf? This is where I find out, I am also that cow, and calf. What harm in oil spills in the driveway just wash it away. I am the fish that is in that water, and the fish that eats it, and what eats it too. Did I just poison myself by saying I am seperate and above them?

Does what I do on this planet when seen from others eyes make me evil and a Devil? Can I face myself from the view of every being I interact act with and call it compassionate if I was the receiver of such action as I commited?
For my sake I can only hope so, for soon the shoe may be on the other foot, for real.

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