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Q for supporters of term limits


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Sep 3, 2011
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How does it work, in a realistic sense, as to what you/we would gain?

Yeah, I know, it sweeps the crooks out. Ok, then what? We get new people in, sure, but... if voters vote selfishly now, do we expect that they'll stop voting selfishly just because they're presented with different options? Aren't voters going to still go for the people who they believe will give them the most stuff? Do we believe that good and honest candidates will suddenly and magically appear to run for office? Wouldn't new legislators... who no longer have to please voters enough for long-term re-elections... be more beholden to specials interests and lobbyists?

In places where they have been done, some states, etc., has there been an appreciable improvement? Or, is it just the same ol' same ol' but with different faces?
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