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PYD atrocities continue in northern Syria


Aug 11, 2015
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After killing Free Syrian Army (FSA) members in a clash in northern Syria, terrorists from the PKK's Syrian affiliate, the PYD, transported the dead bodies in an open top trailer in northwestern Syria.

The sources said that the PYD terrorist group repelled the FSA's forces and brought about 50 dead bodies of FSA members to Afrin, which is close to Ayn-Dakna.

The sources said those FSA members who lost their lives in the clashes were residents of Tel Rifaat. They added that there was no Kurdish population in the region.

PYD atrocities continue in northern Syria | TRT World

PKK is recognised as terrorist organisation by USA, however, The same USA supports PYD, Syrian branch of PKK, with airstrikes and air-dropped weapons.

The last victims are Free Syrian Army members who are in fight against Assad regime, unlike PYD; however, They get killed by the help of USA.

The result is barbarian celebration of PYD in streets:

That all depends if they are actually FSA or al Qeda, or another group listed as terrorists by the United Nations. I think the FSA have uniforms and those bodies are wearing various and sundry clothing, not uniforms.
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