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Puerto Rico Statehood?Status Quo?Seperate Nation

Drake McHugh

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May 23, 2013
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From an American perspective,would it be better if they were a state? Not talking about political ramifications. I have seen statistics that say 40% of the population is on public assistance,others that say that's not true. Have also read that corporations oppose statehood or them becoming a country for reasons of taxes.
No, and I think we should let go of all the proto-states. The whole thing is not consistent with the Constitution.
Let the Puerto Rican people decide. But make them have it one way or the other, not this limbo crap where we do everything for them and in return barely any pay an income tax to the US.
Puerto Rico would NEVER vote to become a state. They don't want to be a state.

Kinda like liberals....they want all the benefits, with none of the responsibility.
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