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Presidential Lottery: The New Reality Series


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Oct 15, 2005
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As a citizen of one of the far western states-California- I am tired of my vote not counting in the one election of the president every 4 years. Lets face it, nowadays it is the president who sets the National Agenda after all. States such as Washington, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii are all in the same frame of mind, believe me. Left out of the Presidential vote, us poor Western colonies are constintly dragged into Supreme Court at a greater pace than most eastern states in order to defend our state laws. How this mis-balance of checks and balances occured is now a fact of goverment, unfair yet true. In light of all this I propose that come election time America livens things up a bit more, here is my plan.

Keep the electorial college system, only wait untill EVERY state has tallied their votes, then it's showtime. Hollywood style, imagine onstage are the two candidates standing at respective podiums. Bright lights and a live audience add to the level of excitment as the time draws near to discover who will set social and civil policy for our nation by securing the next four years of office. Onstage behind them Vanna White stands near a spinning bingo cage with 50 balls churning within. Every ball is a state, and on it are the number of votes to be counted, adding to a candidates overall tally. I also believe a President should be able to think on thier feet, by tossing in a pop quiz question from the audience along the way could be added in as an incentive, maybe for an extra state draw, possibilities are endless. The selection of states are picked at random, Lotto style, and tallied behind the opponets on a huge lighted scoreboard. Maybe only Rhode Island was picked, maybe California will be chosen from the hopper, this method allows for equality in the process to be distributed among the states, no longer based on when a state finishes voting or a time frame or location matters to let Democratic voices be heard. Living in the U.S.A. only not in Ohio, should not negate anyones vote in a democracy. Done in this fashion, every state has a voice, although it's role played in the election remains unknow to the end of this process. This is seeming more fair to me as I mull it over in my head.

The element of the unknown would cause politicians to spread thier promises Nationwide, not only to a select few states that hold key turning numbers in this current electorical vote counting system. Beside what better reality T.V. could be programed? Think of the ratings this would generate, not to mention some sembalance of a true Democratic process once agin on American soil.

"Who will be your next President America?" drawn in this fashion states out west may actually start to feel that their votes do count, where as now it is painfully obvious that they do not.

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