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Possible Bad News for Bus-Us


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Nov 14, 2004
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Possible Bad News for Bush-Us

It looks like George Bush might have been right all along. Well George H. W. Bush anyway. Bush senior answering to critics as to why he didn't proceed into Baghdad and take Saddam "out" said if you do that "you'll create a power vacuum that will have no good result for the US or the rest of the world." He thought the result would be another Islamic controlled government much like Iran's. Now with the Iraqi elections nearing there's a lot of talk regarding the possible out come. Of the possiblities some are not sounding too good for the US. Many analyst are now saying that with the Shiite majority there's a great likelyhood that the newly formed government will be anything but US freindly. In fact if anything they're more likely to be friendly with Iran. Iran is actually pushing their own list of candidates for the elections. A recent San Francisco Chronicle article noted:

"Alliance leaders have said they consider negotiating a date for the withdrawal of America's troops one of their main orders of business. Firebrand cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who has instigated two violent uprisings against U.S.- led forces and vehemently opposes the U.S. occupation, called Tuesday for a guarantee of immediate departure of foreign troops after the elections. While not an official member of the Shiite coalition, he has endorsed several candidates on the coalition's list who describe themselves as independents. On Wednesday, the first day of the election campaign, Hazem Shaalan, the defense minister in Allawi's interim Cabinet, called the alliance "an Iranian list" that wants Iraq to be run by Shiite clerics. Shaalan's comment reflected concerns that leading figures in a new government, notably Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq and the first name on the Shiite coalition's list, have close ties to Iran."

This sounds as if Bush senior might have been thinking correctly. So here's to hoping, at least in this case, Daddy doesn't know best.
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