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Portable Excellence.


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Nov 2, 2015
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I hope this post doesn’t violate any rules with advertising a product, that is (Not) my goal. I have struggled over the years with finding a good portable grill. I really only need to transport the unit once per year, condo to cabin and back but size at the condo and cabin is important. My requirements exceeded any normal portable grill. Cast iron cooking surface, multi tasking from grill to griddle, fuel flexibility 1lb or 20lb tanks. I also wanted the possibility for some light smoking and wanted carry bags for transport.

There is no one company that makes this product in the foot print I want (20”x20”) or the BTU’s for performance I will settle for.

Here was my solution. There is a company that makes a table side griddle unit, It’s a beast at 12,000 BTU’s for a griddle The top griddle is almost as thick as the best cast iron pan at 20+ pounds. The performance of this unit is awesome, It’s just silly cool for Its size. But, It’s not a portable BBQ, It is a portable griddle (sort of) If you into lifting weights.

There is a second company that makes a non fuel grill box. The box fits almost exactly onto the griddle unit with the griddle removed. The box will except small amounts of wood for smoking and also has cast iron grates. A bonus is the second company makes carry bags that fit both units, yes you need two bags but this may be the best portable grill situation ever for serious foodies with space or travel issues.

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