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Poll for New York State Residents: Are you eligible to vote in the GOP Primary?

Are you a NYS Resident eligible to vote in GOP Primary?

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May 1, 2015
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Did you make the deadline to vote in the NYS GOP primary? For example, from what I heard Sean Hannity say, he is registered with the New York State Conservative party. That means if he changed his voter registration AFTER October, 2015, he won't be able to vote in the GOP primary. A big deal is being made of New York's difficult party changing rules. It seems to be the hidden sand in the gearbox that could keep Trump under 50% and could mean proportional delegate allocation.

For example, it appears likely that Hannity didn't change his registration in time. Here's a statement as late as August saying that he is NOT a Republican:

Sean Answers Beck | The Sean Hannity Show

As a registered conservative in New York state, I only have one vote. From a voting perspective, I will have no say, really, in deciding who the Republican presidential nominee will be in 2016.
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