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Politics is a farse

Dec 4, 2005
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There is absolutely no diversity in british or American and probaly global politics.

Whatever political party achieves power the same old people benefit, for Britain; The Royal Family, the large energy corporations, the Banking elite and the freemasons in the civil servant sector who are behind a large proportion of policy making regardless of the party in charge.

I have the opportunity to vote for a political party at the next election, but i don't want to vote, by voting i would express my satisfication with the current situation in my country.

Since Labours inaugauration to British parliament voter numbers for Labour have been in steady decline, there has been no set leader in the Tory party Since Margeret Thatcher, numbers for Lib Dem have risen by a few million, but these are mostly disenfranchised Left wing Labour supporters who have no alternative, alas even Lib Dems now are leaderless.

Turnout was only around %60 of the [population in Britain last election, i suspect the number will continue to grow as politics becomes less and less about representation and more and more about Globalisation.

I would like to encourage you to follow the link for extra statistics on the last general election in Britain.

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