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Political Simulation -- Libertarian Senators Needed


Jul 7, 2005
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I’ve been participating in a Political Simulation called the “United
States of Micro America.”

It’s basically a simulation of the federal government and it is growing
and developing to become something very interesting.

We need people who are interested in serving as Libertarian senators.

This is a fun way of putting out your political opinion. Any of your
ideas we pass will be signed by all who support it and passed along to
our real legislators in the Congress to give them an idea of how you and
the majority of our group think the important issues of our day should
be handled by Congress.

We will fill a 100 seat Senate and also have opportunities in the
executive and judiciary branches.
So if you like politics and current events you will find this political
simulation a fun way to express your political opinion and send it to
the Congress if you want with the support of others who share your
opinion. You can be as involved as much as you want or have time for.

To join, sign up for the main group here:

and the Libertarian Caucus here:

From there we can answer any questions you have and help you get a seat
in the Senate. We need all the freedom-loving people we can get to help
further our cause. This simulation has proven very educational for me,
and I would recommend it to anyone interested in sorting out their own
political views, as well as people who have solid views and want to debate.
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