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Placing sanctions on Iran and lifting them on Deripaska, does this make sense?


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Nov 10, 2016
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I know that trump hates Obama and wants to end everything he did, but the Iran deal was in place and according to inspector, Iran was doing as they said under the deal. In fact, even though we have broken the deal and once again have placed sanctions on Iran, the inspectors say they have continue to live by the deal they signed. Now we look at Oleg Deripaska. He is a Russian that was part of the Russian's who interfered with our elections and was thus sanctioned for his actions. Now we are lifting those sanctions by order of the [resident and approved by the GOP controlled Senate. This will allow this man to rid himself of hundreds of millions of dollars of debt and still control his most important company. He actually comes out ahead in this whole deal. I just doo not understand why we have once again placed sanctions of a country that was living up to the deal they signed while lifting sanctions on a man who did about the worst thing a foreigner can do, interfere with our elections. I think that this action will encourage the Russians and other countries continue their interference.
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