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Philosophy Forum

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- A place to discuss philosophical matters free from those relying on faith in the divine, scripture, or other religious basis.

Rule Set
- Threads and posts that are critical of disbelief, or are focused on attacking religion/spirituality, are not allowed.
- Posts/threads from a religious basis, or deemed overly antagonistic towards non-belief, will be considered “trolling”.

* Special Note *
This section will adhere to 2-4-6 method of section suspension/bans, similar to in the Abortion and Conspiracy Theory sections of the forum. This means that your second infraction or thread ban within a year in one of these sections will result in a one week suspension from that section. Your fourth instance within a year will result in a month long suspension form the section. Finally, your sixth violation within a year will result in a permanent banishment from that section. These totals are tied to the specific section (i.e. violations that occur in Theology aren’t counted towards your violation totals in Philosophy and vice versa. Likewise, a suspension in Philosophy does not restrict your participation in Theology and vice versa).
Not open for further replies.
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