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Personal efforts to reduce use of energy


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Sep 30, 2005
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We all want big business, government, etc. to come up with solutions to our energy problems. Perhaps we should be doing what we can at a more personal level. What say you, members? What are you doing?

As for me and my extended family, 2 of us are moving next year so that all 3 families are closer together, and in an area where less travel is required to get to stores, schools, work, etc. This involves the building of 2 new houses, and possibly some retrofitting of an existing house.
The new houses will have extra insulation, better windows, and passive solar orientation that will reduce the need for heating. Hot water will be augmented by solar. Lighting will be a mixture of types. Lights that are on a lot will be LED, next down will be flourescent, with incandescent only used where the lights are not on very much.
Air conditioning will not be needed in the 2 new houses. The existing one has it, and needs it, due to improper orientation, as in too many windows facing east and west.
Currently I plan my trips carefully and try to minimize the use of my vehicles. When we get moved, the 3 families will work together to do the same. Why send grandma to the store alone when she can take the daughter and daughter in law with her? Saves 2 trips right there.
Any other ideas out there?
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