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People in New Orleans



The authorities said they won't forcibly remove the holdouts and there would be no sanctions for violation of mandatory evacuation orders. How nice of them!! Indeed, why forcing evacuation since there's no evacuation at all!? The holdouts are foredoomed and National Guard troops merely shoot off everyone they come across in the streets of New Orleans as if they were stray dogs. There are currently some 15,000 people staying in New Orleans. Providing they are not evacuated, they will be envenomed with chemicals sprayed to cleanse the area. The major task of the National Guard is to fulfill the order of George Bush and establish acceptable conditions for companies close to the White House that gained contracts for rebuilding of refineries and infrastructure of the shore.... All in all, none in the government cares about the victims - common people mainly Afro-Americans. The losses will be written off to the hurricane. Where it was reported "over 10,000 dead", a couple more thousands won't matter much...
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