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Pease do not MISUNDERSTAND THIS !!!!!!!!


Jan 14, 2005
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[SIZE=2]Americans should you be ashamed of yourself!! You ask WHY ?????????????????????[/SIZE]
As you know Iraq just had an election today these very brave Iraqi's are voting inspite of other people / scume / garbage are willing to kill them !!

Yet we in great country do not at least 40%-50 % do not!!

I have heard all the excuse's

1) I hear I don't have the time !!! To which I say to f---ing bad make the time!!

2) It's snowing / raining !!! you BIG BABY!! BOO-HOO!!BOO-HOO!!

3) I don't like any of the canidate's !!!! OK fine WRITE in ; DOG CATCHER / MAN on the MOON I don't care Just go out and VOTE!!

Remember our fore fathers fourght :hm and DIED :hm to give us that right !!

Go out and vote !!!!!!!. If you have a GOOD excuse I'm waiting to hear it!!
AT prsaia1@aol.com

P.S. I'm still not convinced that the Shiet-it's Sunni's & Kurds will ever really get along with each other !!!!! In fact I believe end up KILLING EACH OTHER
long before they will make peace with each other !!
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Excellent advice. Voting is a right many people around the world don't have, and a good number of citizens waste the right that people have and are dying for across the world. The lazy bums who don't vote should spend a year or two in a country that doesn't have the right to vote and they are at the whims of some dictator that can only be removed through massive bloodshed and loss of life. Maybe then they would appreciate what a great right and privilege us Americans have.
I think we can all agree on that. I have more respect for liberal than I do for people who don't vote.
Our voting ballots deserve a "None of the above" choice.

If the majority of the people don't like any candidates (and thats a LOT of people), then none of those candidates deserve to win. I know personally I'd vote "None of the above" before I'd vote for Bush or Kerry.

Bo huhu :(

Wow! you don't like anything about our gov't or anyone in it.
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