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Peace and Human Rights go side by side


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Sep 2, 2010
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People had been conscious of their rights in crude form since ages. The religious scriptures have given the details of what should be the rights of a person. Similarly the kings and rulers of old times have been giving decrees to spell out what a person was entitled to. Many philosophers and writers have written volumes on these topics in their own style.

However it was the World War II that the people realized that in order to ensure peace, human rights must be protected. A detailed list of human rights was thus included in the charter of the United Nations. This was done so that justice is done to every body and a result peace should prevail.

As a matter of fact the human rights have been violated all over the world with impunity. The dictators have invariably usurped the rights of their public whereas the strong nations have exploited the weak nations in one form or the other. Denial of freedom of expression, the right of self determination and exploitation has cause frustration in the people, hence the conflicts and the wars followed. The world cannot achieve peace in true sense unless the rights of people are recognized and protected.

Light of Peace: The Abuse of Human Rights Connote a Death Blow to the Peace.
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