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Paybacks Can Be Costly


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Oct 12, 2005
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some right wingers are running ads against Harriet Miers. Now lets think this through. If she gets confirmed and its the right wingnuts who have gone after her is there any chance that might weigh in on a close vote?

I know alan "douchewitz" pretty well signaled he was no longer interested in being hired to argue supreme court cases-he spent several appearances on news shows pssing and moaning about Roberts and even had to the nerve to claim Rehnquist (and by implication O Connor who was third in the class Rehnquist was #1 in) really wasn't deserving of his rank since stanford didn't let in Jews.

While Judges should be fair, at some levels it would be poetic justice to watch Roberts shred Dershowitz if he shows up in front of the supremes or on the other hand, Miers does a SDO on the next abortion case
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