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P/N - A Realist (Hugh_Akston)

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Oct 12, 2007
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First off, I should let everyone know what the 'P' and the 'N' stand for. The 'P' is for "Pacerfan". I grew up in Indiana and have been a fan of the Indiana Pacers long before they drafted some skinny kid from UCLA whose name slips my mind right now. I've been there through the bad years, the great years and once again the bad years (yes, the bad years are very, very painful). The 'N' stands for "neocon", but not because I am one. My first politics forum I was a part of was overrun by liberals who were very, very partisan. If you dared say anything that they disagreed with, they would label you a "neocon" regardless if that was actually what you were. So to save them the time, I went by the username "Pacerfan/Neocon". I ran my own politics forum for a while (politicsforums.net), but it never took off like I had hoped. When I joined here, I simply shortened it to 'P/N'.

I'm a 38 year old white male who has one child of my own, three wonderful stepkids from my ex-wife who still call me dad to this day, and a soon-to-be step-daughter when my fiancée and I get married next spring. I grew up in Indiana and joined the Navy when I was 19. After the Navy, I returned home to Indiana until 1997 when I moved to Kansas City, MO. I lived there until May of last year when I decided I'd had enough shoveling driveways, scraping snow and ice off my windshield and cold weather; I moved to the Gulf Coast.

I've been interested in politics most of my life. I've even considered running for public office on an occasion or two and haven't completely given up on the idea just yet. But with each passing year (and they tend to go by quicker and quicker every year), I'm not sold on working with corrupt individuals on a daily basis. Maybe when I get older and more senile, I might give it a go.

I'm a conservative but I abhor what the Republican Party has become. I pretty much despise the "religious right", but that may have something to do with the fact that I'm a fiscal conservative and somewhat of a social liberal (I work in the casino industry for crying out loud). I consider myself a realist above any political label you can brand on me. I'm all about common sense and I despise blind partisan hatred or love, from the left and the right. To me everything isn't a left vs. right issue anymore. It's a right vs. wrong issue and both sides (republican and democrat) are so screwed up, so corrupt and so out of touch with "the people" that I don't believe they care anymore.

In my spare time, I love most major sports (except for soccer). I love basketball the way most people love football (both college and the NFL), but I grew up in Indiana so I didn't have much choice. I play a lot of poker - mostly Texas Hold 'Em, but I love 7 card stud. I'm a big fan of comedies (South Park, Family Guy, PCU [GO OUT AND RENT THIS MOVIE] and anything that Kevin Smith does) and I'm a major smartass. I love to watch movies, but rarely do I find one worth going to the theater to see on the big screen. I've found the love of my life and I enjoy each and every minute I spend with her. She hates my obsession interest in politics, but if no one cared, this country would have gone to hell a long time before now.

In closing: Metallica rocks, the King (both of them) is still dead and has anyone seen Tucker's Swingline stapler (they replaced it with the Boston stapler)?

Update: After finally finishing "Atlas Shrugged", I have decided to change my username to 'Hugh_Akston'. He is the character I most identity with in the book. For those of you with the time, you should give it a read. It is a fantastic book and very indicative of what is presently taking place in this country.
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