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Operation I AM on the World



- What operation I AM?
AM: I have employed military terminology to baptise a generalised action on the world. The essential aim of this operation is to give a global political structure to permanently insure peace and the harmonious development of humanity. At its current stage, Operation I AM is an idea which was launched on the internet on the national holiday of the United States of America. This great nation has pragmatically organised itself into small federal states. This is a suitable model for our world. It concerns the division of the world into several small states which take ethnic realities into consideration. Each one represented by a governor who is elected for two years. An alternation of man then woman is to be respected. Voting is to be obligatory and the governor leaving office would not be able to stand in the next election.

- Why carry out this operation?
AM: I think that politicians are confused about a vision for a uniform
world. They are like children who are playing with modelling clay. They have several blocks of colour but finish up by becoming annoyed and mixing everything up into a shapeless, greyish mass. Currently, Europeans are unable to unite politically. Normal as the peoples don't want to be drowned in mud. They want to continue to live in their own cultures. A world which is heading for unification can only break itself up from the inside. All of the work carried out by politicians is going down a dead-end street and thus promises us some difficult times ahead.

- Who is the initiator of it all?
AM: Antoll MA is its initiator. It's the pseudonym which was given to me on 11 April 1975 by an extraterrestrial presence which I am still unable to name.

- Has the operation any chance to succeed?
AM: For me, it has already become reality, it exists in thoughts. My work is to make it known to the world. This is the only viable solution for
humanity. If the operation doesn't succeed, I won't be upset. I won't use all of my means to convince the world thus losing my health and my money to reach my target. I will in any case be satisfied with having tried to do it.

- But you are not a politician?
AM: I can become one in the future because making the operation concrete will lead to the inevitable creation of the position of Master of the World. The Master of the World supervises the whole of the governors and gives them their directives. The duration of the term of office is to be two years with an alternation between men and women. The minimum age is to be 50 years. There will be no election by the people but a choice made by the Council of Masters made up of 12 members of whom there are 6 men and 6 women.

- How do you manage the world?
AM: Privatisation will become a strong part of the government of the Master of the World and his governors. Private societies will be able to propose specific management solutions. The programme selected by the Master of the World or the governor will be allocated a budget. The private society would be responsible for the on-site carrying out of its programme and would insure its maintenance. In addition, any person having good ideas could become a secretary of state if we refer to the current world.

- Don't you think that this could become dangerous?
AM: Certainly a lot less than the present and all the more seeing as the
solutions are openly published on the internet with follow-up reports
available to everyone. In all cases, the choice of solutions is made by the governor on a state level and by the master of the World on a global scale. They are responsible for the direction taken and can at any moment modify or stop any private solutions.

- What advantages can we draw from this?
AM: Already there would no longer be any dictators. No more religious people who believe themselves to be key statesmen. Insuring that military power is controlled by the Master of the World means that no state will be able to declare war against anyone. On an economic scale, development would come through confidence.

- Do you have, however, some bad news?
AM: Yes of course. I make allusions to the serious problems which currently present themselves to us and which are the disturbance of global climates, the population explosion, poverty, unemployment, insecurity, pollution individual ownership and religious excess. Here, there are also several solutions to be exploited. I don't hide the fact that certain of these will be difficult to accept. For the problem of in security, I am in favour of zero tolerance. However be aware that this is not possible without helping those who are in difficulty. The free world cannot toss aside the social state and respect for workers. The unification of competition regulations will be applicable to everyone.

- What are the problems to be resolved?
AM: I have resolved all of the concepts in my head and it only remains for them to be put into action. Yes, I need money. I estimate that several million euros will be needed to cover this operation. It is necessary to pay scientists to work out all of the solutions, to virtually create the position of Master of the World, to divide the planet using new criteria, to pay the governors. To summarise, it is a question of the virtual setting up of Operation I AM so that it can become real as soon as men and women want it to.

Antoll MA
For any additional information to open the site www.antollma.info
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