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one thing is consitant in all news orginazations...


Nov 6, 2010
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looking for a bias in mainstream media?

notice how they all serve the state in regards to its foreign policy.

there is your media bias....it is a mouthpiece from fox to msnbc. they all serve the state.
Please describe, what techniques do they employ, and what do they obfuscate to serve the needs of the war? :)
How about their bias towards themselves? Jon Stewart blasted them all, and they finally found a common ground in attacking him. They do not see their own failings at all.
in the lead up to the iraq invasion, 4 individuals were brought on to discuss things, that opposed the invasion. on all mainstream outlets combined.


while almost 40% of the general public opposed the war at the time.

most people brought on were government officials, corporate execs (who stood to gain millions for thier shareholders) and talking heads that supported them.

the main technique is information overload, from one side of the debate. its like reporting on all isreali casualties multiple times while only reporting on some palestinian casualties. the information they present may be accurate, but the picture it produces is pretty far removed from reality.
they give us the illusion of debate. the questions asked support the push for war while instilling a false sense of participation. its not, "should we go to war?" its "when (or how)should we go to war?" and simliar. from fox to msnbc they did this, they served the state in its push for war, and hundreds of thousands of people were killed as a result.
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