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One case illustrates the ineffectiveness of guns for self defense (1 Viewer)

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Jul 11, 2016
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In 1990 Washington State, a woman tried to defend herself from a home invader with a rifle she kept under the bed.

She had the rifle taken from her by the killer, and used against her in gruesome fashion. This is the result:

Perhaps had she complied and simply given her money, instead of trying to grab a gun and go rambo, she might still be alive today. But she bought into the NRA lie that guns will solve any situation, and she ended up dead because of it.

Statistics show that a woman who tries to use a gun in self defense is EIGHTY times more likely to have the gun grabbed from her hands and used against her than to successfully defend herself.

Source: Colorado Sen. Evie Hudak responds to criticism over comments to rape victim – The Denver Post

As an Army veteran, who has trained with firearms as part of his job, I can tell you that more guns is bound to equal less safety for all concerned. Guns do nothing to decrease crime or keep people safe. In fact, trying to use a gun in self defense is FAR more likely to turn a bad situation into a fatal one.

Gun owners, this is not an insult to you. I'm not trying to make you angry or hurt your feelings. I'm simply telling you that you are severely misinformed about the effectiveness of guns for self defense. For your own good, you should consider other means of self defense such as stronger doors, window locks, alarm systems, guard dogs, martial arts etc. Such methods are FAR less likely to get you killed.
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Dude, I would edit that post if I were you.

Dude, I would edit that post if I were you.

These gun lovers talk a good game about using guns for self defense. Let them see the gory consequences of what happens when they actually try to use a gun in a self defense situation.
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