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Oil For Food For French Fried!!!


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Feb 19, 2005
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There has been another arrest in the "Oil for Food" program that was administered by the U.N. Once again, the individual has close ties that actually helped him; close ties to Cofy Annan.

He is Mr. Marimais, the former French Ambassador to the United Nations. He was in that position when the "Oil for Food" program was planned and begun.

After he completed his ambassodorship at the U.N., Mr. Marimais was appointed Under Secretary General by Cofy Annan which not only gave him direct access to the Secretary General but also put him in the position as one of the main officials to oversee the "Oil for Food" program. What is interesting about his appointment to Under Secretary General is that it protects his financial records from prying eyes. That seems to have helped him in his "administrating" the "Oil for Food" program. I don't know whether he is guilty or not but so far he has been arrested at this point in the investigation.

What is also interesting is that there are two other Under Secretary Generals that are also under investigation/suspicion in the "Oil for Food" investigation (I think scandal is a media word, don't you?). These others also had protection of their financial dealings just as Mr. Marimais did and that was during their "Oil for Food" participation.

The French have so far been heavily involved in the investigation and also arrests in this U.N. driven program. The French and the U.N. Not the best role models for our children don't you think?

My link for this is www.msnbc.onyourtv.

As the French would say, "defaut de la reproduction sonore." Roughly translated into English that means, "wow".
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