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Obamacare: Too BAD To Fail (Soylent "Green" Surfaces)


May 11, 2013
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By Anthony B. Sanders

How bad is Obamacare?

SO BAD that the Administration unilaterally delayed until 2015 the enforcement of a requirement for businesses to provide workers health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

And SO BAD that the Administration unilaterally exempted Congress from the higher insurance plan costs.

And SO BAD that labor unions are angry about the insurance costs after their exemption goes away.

And SO BAD that the enforcement arm of Obamacare, the US Treasury and IRS, don’t want to be in the exchanges.

And SO BAD that an Obamacare rally in Centreville, VA had 1 person attend.

And SO BAD that the Administration will use the honor system to entice people to claim a government subsidy.

And SO BAD that the Obama Administration will no longer let firms evade Obamacare taxation by hiring part-time workers.

And SO BAD that American Action Forum produced a chart showing how younger people (especially men) bear the brunt of Obamacare increases.


This is on top of low homeownership rates for Millenials.


Just wait for the punitive taxes to be laid on Cadillac plans. This includes insurance companies cutting back benefits to avoid the Cadillac tax.

Will Obamacare put a crimp into the housing market, particularly for young people? Of course. This is NO COUNTRY FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.

And don’t forget, Obamacare enrollment starts in just 8 weeks. ALL ABOARD THE TITANIC!

Renaming the Cadillac plan as The Titanic plan would at least be honest.


At least we can now eat Soylent.

Soylent Green?


All Aboard “The Titanic”! Obamacare Enrollment Starts In Just 8 Weeks! | Confounded Interest
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