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Obama is Abrading the Social Fabric


May 11, 2013
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By Clarice Feldman
June 16, 2013

I have always believed that regardless of the laws of a nation, the social fabric that binds it is woven of mutual trust between the people and their private and governmental institutions. Once that fabric is weakened, the dangers to an ordered society are extreme. This week, the holes in the U.S. social fabric are manifest, and they are caused by the administration's ever-expanding lawlessness..

The statements by the high-tech self-exile Snowden set off alarms even among those who are willing to repose their confidence in the general integrity of our intelligence services. In my case, not because I believe his overblown claims of civilian snooping, but because I have doubts about the efficacy of the controls on access to the information gathered and my substantial, growing distrust of the president and the civil service.

In any event, with the FBI having ignored specific warnings from the Russians about the Boston bombers and the administration announcing it will provide military support for the Syrian rebels just as they in turn announce their affiliation with Al Qaeda, the need for this elaborate record-gathering becomes ever less clear. From the outside it seems as if in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, and Egypt we are doing everything in our power to strengthen our enemies. What's the point then creating this expensive apparatus to permit listening to their communications as if we still regarded them as enemies?

For most of my lifetime, I believed that our Founding Fathers ("Founding Founders to the White House") set up a good -- if not infallible -- means of keeping excesses of the executive in check. And that to supplement those checks and balances, the system of Inspectors General created by Congress to audit operations and uncover misconduct and criminal activity would do much to punish and preventwrongdoing.

Speaking of the shabby job the IRS IG performed, Walpin explains the dynamics to us:


Read more:

Just the opposite of that the Progressive Left has been telling us. Gerald Walpin according to the Left knows nothing and is supposedly negated when he speaks of interference in the IRS IG investigation, when he's been there himself.
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