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NYT's Conundrum- The Alt-Right Isn't Responsible for Antisemitism in NYC


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Aug 1, 2014
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Contrary to what are surely the prevailing assumptions, anti-Semitic incidents have constituted half of all hate crimes in New York this year, according to the Police Department. To put that figure in context, there have been four times as many crimes motivated by bias against Jews — 142 in all — as there have against blacks. Hate crimes against Jews have outnumbered hate crimes targeted at transgender people by a factor of 20.

During the past 22 months, not one person caught or identified as the aggressor in an anti-Semitic hate crime has been associated with a far right-wing group, Mark Molinari, commanding officer of the police department’s Hate Crimes Task Force, told me.

“I almost wish it was sometimes more clear cut,’’ he said. “It’s every identity targeting every identity.”


In spite of the recent calls to fear alt right leaning white males, all of the antisemitic hates crimes in NYC have been committed by others. One recent case involved a black transgender person drawing swastikas in a predominantly Jewish community. The person in question had once been a recipient of an NYT scholarship fund for AAs, and worked on hate crime legislation for the state of NY.

Despite all the kvetching in the NYT about antisemitism, none of it is committed by the dreaded alt right white male in NYC. Why?
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