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Nuclear Waste Missing in Lithuania, 'Dirty Bomb, To Be Made In Estonia



Nuclear Waste Missing in Lithuania, 'Dirty Bomb, To Be Made In Estonia

According to Estonian authorities, it was decided to equip all customs stations with x-ray units and other apparatus for more careful freight inspection to prevent coming-in of radioactive materials from the territory of Lithuania.

These arrangements are explained with stepping-up of Chechen branch of al-Qaeda terrorist network in this region. Interpol reports that Ignalina nuclear power plant (in Lithuania) is missing 5kg of spent nuclear fuel, and in all appearance, the links are leading to neighboring Latvia where Chechen Diaspora is most numerous.

According to some evidence, Lithuanian authorities found it wise to check the records of control of radioactive waste and discovered the miss after Mohammed Benhammedi, who is described by the US Treasury as a key financer of al-Qaeda, and his mistress Victoria Zakurko, citizen of Lithuania, who happened to be a teenage daughter of the inspector of protection of the Ignalina nuclear power plant, have been arrested in Liverpool, England.

It is believed that the missing radioactive materials might be transported to Estonia to make a 'dirty bomb'. After the cartoons scandal, many European states are afraid of terrorist acts (including 'dirty bombs') and offered to sponsor installation of x-ray apparatus on customs stations of Estonia.
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