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No Ukraine military offensive and Martial Law ends (1 Viewer)

Rogue Valley

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Apr 18, 2013
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According to the thread starter above, a Ukrainian military offensive was to begin in the Mariupol sector of eastern Ukraine on December 25.

No such offensive has transpired. As I countered in that thread, the above was typical Russian disinformation that has been put forth every month this year by the Kremlin.

In addition, Martial Law which was ordered on November 26, 2018 due to Russia attacking 3 small Ukrainian Navy boats on the high seas and kidnapping the 24 crew members has expired after the recommended 30 days.

Poroshenko Ends Martial Law In Ukraine As Tensions With Russia Continue

Folks, beware Kremlin disinformation. The 24 kidnapped Ukrainian sailors remain incarcerated in Moscow.

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