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Nine ways Russia botched its invasion of Ukraine

Rogue Valley

Putin = War Criminal
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Apr 18, 2013
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Nine ways Russia botched its invasion of Ukraine


The ineptitude displayed by the Russian military in its initial attempt to overrun Ukraine has astounded military professionals. The world’s second-most-powerful army has bungled almost every move since the first hours of the invasion. As Russia refocuses its energies on capturing Ukraine’s eastern region, the crucial question will be whether its military can redress the mistakes of the early assault. Here are nine of the most important mistakes identified by military experts.....

• 1. Misjudging the Ukrainians
• 2. Not preparing their troops
• 3. Invading without enough supplies — or the right supplies
• 4. Not recognizing their poor logistics
• 5. Failing to take out Ukraine’s air defenses
• 6. Attacking on too many fronts
• 7. Using unsecured communications
• 8. Proceeding without clear lines of command
• 9. Failing to have a Plan B

Each bullet-point above (1-9) has corresponding commentary.

Where Are Ukraine’s Bombers?
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