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New York races to uncover Ground Zero mystery ship


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Aug 27, 2005
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NEW YORK — New Yorkers raced against time Friday to reveal the secrets of a mostly intact, 18th century sailing ship found in the muddy foundations of the World Trade Center reconstruction site.

The ghostly vessel emerged from the mud earlier this week, its hull and deck virtually complete and still equipped with an anchor. But with sudden exposure to air wreaking havoc on the wood, archaeologists are hurrying to examine their find

Good gravy. Why did this find have to show up at ground zero? Do you have any idea how this is going to invigorate the truthers? I am now hearing that they are going to make a sequel to "Loose Change". It will be titled "Loose Pence", and will detail how President Bush conspired to bring down the World Trade Center with a British Man-O-War. :mrgreen:

Article is here.
It's a landmark! we must halt all construction and let the site of the WTC be!
then again I don't think there was any construction.
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