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New movie on Netflix. AWAY


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Sep 29, 2018
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Sarasota, Florida and Sydney, Australia
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Just a note regarding the new movie on Netflix starring Hillary Swank. It's called "Away".
Personally my opinion is this: Stay away..far away. I named it Drama queens in space. You know, Nasa spends millions getting the right crew when going on a long trip.
Nasa also wants the crew to get along and actually LIKE each other, simply because even close friends can grate on each other's nerves when confined in tight spaces for a few weeks/mouths. Not this movie. Everybody seems to hate each other with a purple fashion. "You don't know what the hell you're talking about..How did YOU get here in the first place" Then there's the long..long..long..scenes about their Families. Yak..yak..yak..yak for 10-15 minutes..
Nasa prepares the families for situations where your love one might die. But NO..you wouldn't know it in this film..Drama..drama..You might die..cry..cry..cry..Jesus Christ!..over and over... And then there's the science..They break every law of Physics known to mankind..do the most idiotic things that even a middle-school person would say.."THAT'S stupid!
As I was watching this train wreck, I thought to myself: Dear Dog in heaven, please send an asteroid to the earth and destroy all life as we know it. True, I would die along with my wife and all my friends plus all the hopes and dreams of this planet we love so much. But..you know what?..It would be worth it.
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