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New Gun Store opens in Tyler, Texas. People in line for over 3 hours to meet hero. (1 Viewer)


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Jul 13, 2015
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East Texas
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Superior Gun Shop to host grand opening with a - One News Page VIDEO

Superior Firearms Grand Opening | Boot Campaign

It must be a TEXAS thing. A new gun shop opens up and people come from all around to meet the celebrity present, and talk with several factory reps present.

I went here today and the lines were all the way down to the end of the strip. One lady said she was there at 4:30AM. They opened at 08:00AM. It took three (3) hours to get to the door.

Marcus Luttrell was there hawking his line of ammo. He was the only survivor from his team, and the man the movie, " Lone Survivor " was based on.

I needed some .311 inch 180 grain bullets, and some Winchester 231 reloading powder. I did not find either, but will come back after all the hoopla is over with and check again.

I put this under the GUN CONTROL section to show some DP members just how seriously some of us feel about our right to enjoy the right.

Though, our Second amendment rights are not limited to Texas, I can not help but feel us Texans DO kinda like to make a big deal about it every chance we get.
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