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Navalny Recovering From ‘Deadlier, Slower-Acting’ Novichok Variant

Rogue Valley

Nikhto krim nas
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Apr 18, 2013
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Navalny Recovering From ‘Deadlier, Slower-Acting’ Novichok Variant


Leading Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a new, deadlier variant of military-grade nerve agent Novichok, the German weekly Die Zeit reported Wednesday. Hours after the Die Zeit report, The Insider news website reported, citing anonymous sources, that Navalny, 44, has almost completely recovered after falling violently ill on a flight in Siberia on Aug. 20 and remaining in a coma for more than two weeks. He was evacuated to a Berlin hospital after Siberian doctors ruled out poisoning as the cause of his illness. “Navalny was poisoned with a novel development of the chemical weapon Novichok — a variant that the world had not known until this attack, but which is said to be more vicious and deadly than all known offshoots of the Novichok family,” Die Zeit reported. Only the Russian intelligence services could have carried out “an operation with such a lethal and complex poison,” Die Zeit reported, citing German intelligence. Germany said last week that “unequivocal evidence” pointed to Navalny, the de facto leader of Russia’s opposition, being poisoned by a nerve agent from the Novichok family. Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that “only Russia can and must answer” questions regarding Navalny’s poisoning. “This new Novichok variant works slower than the previously known ones,” Die Zeit wrote.

This report hasn't been corroborated yet.

But the Kremlin does possess all of the old Soviet R&D materials regarding the deadly Novichok nerve agent.

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Buried in that post is an accusation of incompetence. If the Russians want you eliminated because you are a pain, they send you on a short flight from the tenth-floor balcony.

That would be 9 stories, or about 90 ft, at initially 32 ft/second for a short trip of 2.8 seconds. I met a guy who survived a fall from higher than that. It happened to be right near his home and his doctor neighbor and good friend came a' runnin' and saved his life. The "Falling Man" from the Twin Towers fell an estimated 10 seconds, or about 35 stories, accounting for gravitational acceleration. Capt Kittinger, starting from about 103,000 ft, free-fell for about 4 min 36 sec, reaching a speed of 614 mph, before his main chute opened at 18,000 ft for a total of 8,500 stories. Yes, speed of gravity accelerates geometrically.
Buried in that post is an accusation of incompetence. If the Russians want you eliminated because you are a pain, they send you on a short flight from the tenth-floor balcony.

Difficult with Mr. Nalvany. He is never left alone.
Bulk is fully recovered. He can already speak and remembers the details of what happened on the plane. This is reported by the publication Spiegel.

The new super-duper-powerful version of Novichok was even weaker than the previous one.
The farce with Skripal was played at least a little longer.
:roll: More asinine meandering from our Russian propagandist.
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