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Mysterious dimming of Betelgeuse explained?


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Aug 15, 2017
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Observations with the Hubble Space Telescope revealed a large amount of dense hot gas moving outwards through Betelgeuse’s extended atmosphere. This gas might have cooled and formed a dust cloud that partially blocked the star’s light as seen from Earth, earlier this year.

Mysterious dimming of Betelgeuse explained? | Space | EarthSky

I personally find this very interesting; at a bit over 642 ly from our own star, this places Betelgeuse in our own ( relatively speaking) observable back yard.

Several years ago I was reading about "Star lifting"; a hypothetical processes of removing mass from a star for the purpose of extending the life of a star, and for gathering the material to be used for building at a later time....what struck me was the similarities between the process described in one of the star lifting methods ( the huff n Puff method), and the event that recently occurred with Betelgeuse naturally.

Full disclosure: I am in no way an expert on astrophysics, and the questions may seem dumb to the more informed in this field;

Does the natural event we are now witnessing on Betelgeuse have the potential to extend the life of that star if it happens more frequently?

Does it even make a difference in a star that far along in the end stages of its life?

Anyone with more star brain power that can chime in would be appreciated.
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