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My Way

The Prof

DP Veteran
Jul 26, 2009
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And now, November's near
And so we fear
Our awful reck'ning
My friends, I'll say it clear
The word's austere
The ballot's beck'ning
Our dollars disappear
No shovel here
No bridge, no hiway
So let's all have a beer
I did it my way

While unemployment grows
Nobody knows
Just how to fix it
Whatever I propose
The forty No's
Will just deep six it
I said Gitmo would close
While I expose
Cheney's CIA
And on and on it goes
I did it my way

For there were times
I'm sure you knew
When all our states
Turned red from blue
But thru it all
From shove to push
I bravely blamed
It all on Bush
The record shows
Each day new lows
I did it my way

Health care I crammed and deemed
While townhalls screamed
Their frightful fury
Sherrod, so much esteemed
I have redeemed
In headless hurry
I'd change the way it seemed
Or so I dreamed
Inside the Beltway
While Sol Alinsky schemed
I did it my way

Regret, I know it not
It's all such rot
The right is bleating
I frankly have forgot
Iran I sought
To change by meeting
Jan Brewer I have fought
The gub cannot
Defy what I say
I say an awful lot
I did it my way

For what is a prez
What's he about
If not to lead
Then to breed doubt
To do the things
Progressives need
Will surely bring
The House to bleed
I want it all
At least til Fall
I did it my way

The Prof
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