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Muslem men in Indonesia want to rape women in jeans


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Feb 6, 2007
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Apparently Muslim men in Indonesia can't control themselfs when they see a women wearing tight jeans. According to the regent of West Aceh.

''LET me ask you a question,'' says the regent of West Aceh, Ramli Mansur, leaning back in his chair in his spacious office. ''What do you think when you see a woman's round shapes?''

''Rather nice, I suppose,'' I reply. ''But it wouldn't make me feel like raping anyone.''

''Aah, but that's because you are used to it!''

What the hell is wrong with these people. Im telling you, sharia law is oppresive towards women and gives men an excuse when they force a woman against her will.

Sharia law is archaic and belongs in the dust bin of history.

Aceh's religious police crack down on tight jeans
Christain men in America never rape women in jeans........... Oh, wait.................
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Christain men in America never rape women in jeans........... Oh, wait.................

Of course they do. however that is not the point. This guy wants to enforce strict adherence to sharia dress codes for women because when muslim men see women in jeans they rape them. In other words they have no self control. They are like animals.

When I see a sexy woman in jeans I think to myself. damn she is hot. I don't think about raping her let alone actually raping her. My question for you is why do religious men that are members of the religion of peace act so violent towards women dressed in jeans?
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