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'Multiculturalism' means Third World shanty camps here in our green and pleasant!


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Sep 16, 2009
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With camps of foreign squatters and chancers sprouting up even in places like Peterborough, is it still 'racist' to say 'send them back'?!

Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Britain's migrant squatter shambles

The French know what it's all about. They must feel like mugs to put up with supposedly destitute people passing through many safe countries to reach Soft Touch Britain: The Calais 'jungle' has been cleared - but this tide of despair has only just begun - Telegraph

As our politicians know, we've got a much better class of person trying to get in to replace our own workforce: Calais migrant ¿may have cried rape as revenge against people smuggler who failed to get her to Britain¿ | Mail Online

There's bad in every bunch, but with so many trying to come here we have too many to cope with: Britain's top black police officer: 'We are struggling to cope with immigrant crime wave' | Mail Online

Police called to urgent migrant crime summit - Telegraph

So what will the Government do to rectify an overcrowded and overloaded UK? They can't disobey our EU rulers, obviously, so what's the betting that these new encampments will get the same rights as so-called 'traveller' camps?

When shall we read the first reports of such places getting their own postcodes to avoid being rightfully closed, camp people being put to the top of the doctors' queues or the UN granting them their own unique racial status?

Britain - A shadow of its former self.



The last Labour government and our new trendy 'heir to Blair' have a lot to answer for. The MultiCulti dream isn't quite turning out as hoped.

The Voice of the People reacting to this latest downturn in this country's fortunes:


Pertinent points are raised which our politically-correct control-freak masters would do well to heed.

voice 2.jpg

The still Great British Public have more common sense in their little fingers than our rulers (with their useful idiots) have in all their clotted heads!
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