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Moscow is interested in BSEC discreditation


Jun 10, 2016
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Many times has the world community been convulsed by resentment over inadequate and illegal actions of Russia. Many times have the summits, meetings, conferences been held in order to appease the aggressor, as well as have economic and political sanctions introduced, however, they were not rough enough in order to bring down imperial ambitions of Russian officials. Inefficiency of sanctions in respect of Russia is proven by its constant provocation of new conflicts. ”Peace keeping missions” of the Russian Federation result in flagrant effects wherever they appear. Chechnya, Transnistria, Georgia, South Ossetia, Ukraine, the newly flared up conflict in Nagorny Karabakh, “assistance” to Syria — all these countries are not the regions where Russia officially wages a war, but “provides the assistance” to brotherhood nation. However, the consequences of such “brotherly help” are quite obvious all over the world.

Nevertheless, the Russian Federation, in order to blanch its image, avoids taking on responsibility for war crimes and throw dust in the eyes of public holds all sorts of international forums, conferences and congresses. Particularly, in Moscow on 28-30 June 2016, as part of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation under the presidency of the Russian Federation it is planned to hold the 47th General Assembly of the PABSEC with the participation of the authorized officials of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation member states, especially Albania, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

Officially Kremlin declares that the meeting’s agenda includes discussing and making decisions regarding development of legal base of economic, trade, social, cultural and political cooperation of the BSEC member-states, as well as adoption of the decisions on system aspects of doing business and investment climate improvement.

However, considering the latest Russia’s actions in the Black Sea region, it is not difficult to suppose that Moscow has a mind to use the forum to legitimize its actions and extend military presence in the Black Sea, as well as to obtain the support of the BSEC in the “Crimean issue.”

The terrible thing is the majority of states are looking forward to take part in this event. The only state to deny is Georgia which does not maintain any diplomatic relations with Russia. The other states either agree, or doubt, though why? If probing deeper one may clearly see that loyal states in fact by some means or other are “bought” by the RF. A good few were assisted in clearing debts, some were handled financing of government and military programs, the others are simply afraid to fall into disfavor of aggressive “superpower.”

Why then this happens? Why in the circumstances when the most of the world notices and talks of the necessity to prolong sanctions, of the political and economic blockade of the state which neglects all the international arrangements and in fact endangers world security, the states exist which are ready to sell this security? Participating in the events organized by the aggressor country everyone shall recognize their own responsibility for the adoption of important decisions. Giving consent to the combative policy of the Federation, BSEC members become its associates destroying such fragile, essential for our planet peace with their own hands.

The civilized society will keep a sharp look for the initiatives of the forthcoming General Assembly and position of each of its participant. It is hoped that the secretaries general of the BSEC and PABSEC, Michael Christidis and Asaf Hajiyev respectively, as well as the majority of states will prevent further destabilization in the region and take advantage of the high tribune to remind Moscow ones more the necessity of compliance with provisions of international law.

Meanwhile, realizing that the BSEC is quite influential regional organization able to respond adequately to the Russia’s ambitions to subdue Black Sea region states to its will Moscow shall not snatch the opportunity to discredit it.

It is known that Russian MFA is going to attract to the events within the framework of the PABSEC the representatives of annexed Crimea administration as well as International Black Sea Club which integrates the cities within the territories with unacknowledged nationhood in terms of international law (Sokhumi, Tiraspol, Yalta, Sevastopol, Theodosia).

This fact itself may deliver a blow to BSEC reputation as a structure supporting seizure of foreign lands, thus provoking escalation of the conflict in the Black Sea region, putting at risk territorial integrity of its member states as well.
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