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Moral of the Story


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Jun 20, 2018
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Subway Love

Did you ever hear of Subway Peter?

Peter was just an everyday kind of guy who lived alone in an apartment in the suburbs and he had a job in which he would commute to the big city every morning by taking the local metro rail train. He was a very friendly kind of guy and always said hello to everyone around him but, as the nature of most people is, they would just say hello back and go back to what they were doing (which normally was daydreaming while hanging on the the handle bars of the train).

One thing that Peter liked very much is to look around and try to make eye contact with people. He mostly did it with the ladies because he enjoyed teasing them romantically while talking (not something you can do with men very often as you might get a negative reaction). On most occasions he was unable to get anyone to notice him (he did not have any distinguishing features such as a wart or big eyebrows) so he often was disappointed that no one seemed to know he even existed.

Peter had one ability, though, and that was to make people feel comfortable with him once they would start talking. He was warm, full of good feelings, and very friendly and he generally cared about everyone he came in contact with. Once he made eye contact with people it was easy for him to start a conversation and, within a short period of time, make a friend. Peter had made many friends on the metro (he even made appointments to meet them late at night in the metro so he could have coffee and donuts with them on empty seats).

On this particular day none of his friends were on so he decided to walk around and see if he could make a new contact. He had to admit, though, that this day was very frustrating as everyone was just busy reading the newspaper or hanging on to the handle bars but after having walked from car to car he espied a very beautiful lady that was sitting down, in a very attractive and feminine way, on one of the back seats. Peter was awestruck as this lady was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and his heart began to pound with an excitement he had never felt before.

He did not approach her as he, for once in his life, was unable to utter two words together but his heart was beating so hard that he was secretly hoping that she would notice him. He made sure his hair was combed, he washed his mouth with some Listerine (he always carried a bottle along with him inside his coat) and he put on a smile on his face that some people would call it a very sick grin and moved closer to her in the hopes she would notice him.

For the better part of a half hour and after going thru many stops (including the one he was supposed to get off at) she continued to just sit there and look like the most beautiful thing that had ever existed in his life and finally she got up and came directly at him (he was standing in front of the only door in this car) and his heart began to flutter like an earthquake was coming thru and proceeded to stand right next to him. He was frozen and wanted to say something to her but he was "tongue tied" and, as they came to the metro stop and the doors opened, she proceeded to exit and in that moment his whole life (his desires, his hopes, and his dreams) flashed thru his head and he blurted out "Do you like Clint Eastwood?" (hey, he had to say something didn't he?) and she turned around and looked at him a little quizically (like "what kind of line is that"?) but upon looking into his eyes (he was good at the eye thing) she suddenly smiled and said "who?" and the ice was broken.

Needless to say that this became a full blown romantic tale as they were meant for each other and after a few years of going out (having dinner on the metro empty seats late at night) he asked her to marry him. The fact that she had six kids (she was a very very very passionate woman), a cat, two birds and a monkey did not make one shred of difference to him as I will venture to say that true love has no obstacles. They finally got married after getting rid of the monkey (hey, they have to compromise somewhere don't they?) and he became a driver for the metro company while she made it a point to ride it every day to work so they could be together.

The moral of the story?

When you meet the love of your life it does not matter if you act like a fool but just make sure he/she does not walk away without saying something to him/her (even though, for God's sake come up with something better than Clint Eastwood okay?) as you might never see them again and that would be a tragedy worse than calling A T & T and getting put on hold for an almost an hour (hey, I hate AT&T and had to plug it in here somewhere). Always smile from within your heart and remember that those six kids will grow up and leave the house (no longer jump on the bed and wake you up every morning) and then you will be able to spend the rest of your life and every moment of the day kissing the woman you love. Its worth it!!!!!


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Jul 11, 2012
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I'll add a golden oldie.

Once upon a time there was a freezing little bird, hopping around the field in the winter time cold, deperately looking for food.
In it's search, the bird eventually it moved behind a cow, and the cow not noticing the bird relieved itself, covering the little bird in cow patty.
Nature being what it is, the little bird absorbed the warmth of the cow patty, popped it's head out, and began to sing out of pure joy at not being frozen any more.
Then along came a cat who heard the little bird sing, fished it out of the cow patty, and ate it.

There are several morals to the story.
First, being comfortable does not mean being in a good place.
Second, not everyone who craps all over you means you ill.
Third, not everyone who gets you out of some crap means you well.
And finally, it is only a fool who sings when he is in crap up to his neck .
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