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Jan 19, 2014
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Since 1984, residents of Moose Jaw have had one big thing about which they could boast: Mac the Moose.

The Canadian city was long the proud owner of the world's tallest moose statue, a 9.75m (32-foot) steel-framed creature, covered with metal mesh and cement.

But a few years ago, a slightly taller moose statue was erected in Norway, beating Mac's record by some 30cm.

Now, Moose Jaw has launched a campaign to reclaim the crown.

"We're considered to be very mannerly and respectful, but there are things you just don't do to Canadians," Fraser Tolmie, mayor of the prairie town, told the BBC.

"You don't mess with Mac the Moose."
I've been in Moose Jaw. Many years ago. If you ever get to go there, you'll see why this is a big thing. Because there's literally nothing (else) there.

Love it.....My childhood nickname was moose.

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