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Moderation: Serving Notice regarding Moderation on this forum

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Dec 1, 2010
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It has come to the attention of the Mod team that there are far too many rules violations taking place in this forum, most of which are going unreported and un-dealt with. As of now, this is about to change. Moderators will be observing this forum going forward very closely for rules violations taking place after the date and time of this post, and any post violating the rules will be dealt with accordingly. In particular, no personal attacks directed at other posters will be tolerated. Habitual borderline baiting/trolling may be infracted as well.

We also understand that some of you do not believe in Conspiracy Theories and do not come into these threads to discuss the issues, but rather to mock people. If the Moderation Team sees that kind of behavior, it will be dealt with very directly.

We ask that you do the same things we ask you to do in any other forum Upstairs. Don't respond to flaming/trolling, REPORT it. That, and obey the rules, and don't be a jerk, and you won't run afoul of infractions or suspensions. We ask your support in this endeavor to clean up this subforum, so that debate here can be restored to civility.

I appreciate and thank you for your support.

Serenity, on behalf of the DP Moderation team.
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